The Many Roles of an Architect

The Many Roles of an Architect

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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An architect is a person that is sanctioned by the government to provide some much-needed architectural services, such as designing blueprints for buildings, planning where the public buildings should be placed, giving consultation services (particularly about building construction), and so much more.

Architecture firms in Malaysia, for example, have plenty of architects that you can go to that will provide architectural services for both the private and public sectors.

With that being said, this article will be devoted to helping you know what the many roles of an architect are.

The Roles of an Architect

Just take note that this is, by no means, an exhaustive list. This is just to let you have a general idea of what an architect typically does. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • They help in a strategic briefing, where they will ask the client what their requirements are for the building’s construction (what its purpose is, what their budget is, and so on)
  • They can carry out feasibility studies, as well as appraise some old buildings if the owner decides to sell it
  • Give some advice about building specifics
  • Give advice based on the procurement route
  • They prepare concept designs
  • They prepare detailed designs
  • They prepare sound planning applications
  • They prepare approvals, permits, and other documents necessary for the construction of the building
  • Review existing designs done by other architects (supposing that the client wants to change architects)
  • They will act as the contract administrator
  • They will inspect the building’s construction and see how it goes
  • Will provide advice that will help rectify building defects, if there are any
  • Compile and edit briefing documents
  • May give lectures on environmental studies
  • May help in urban planning
  • May undertake surveys and disputes
  • May assess the designs that are made by others and see if anything needs to be corrected
  • Prepare marketing materials
  • May create a solid waste management plan
  • Can draw blueprints using computer-aided design

Architects are also bound by the thing stipulated in the ARB Code of Conduct. This, then, requires architects to do things such as:

  • Obtain a written agreement that will cover most of the things that are involved in a building project, including (but not limited to) scope of the work, the contracting parties, which person is responsible for a certain task, the fees, the provisions for the termination of the agreement, confirmation of appropriate insurance coverage, provide the details of the architect’s complaints-handling procedure, among other things
  • Must maintain professional services and competence in areas that are related to architectural work
  • Must maintain appropriate and adequate professional services

Because there are many kinds of architects out there, the things that are stipulated above just gives you a general idea of their line of work. There are some architects that specialize in certain fields such as urban planning, landscape development, interior designing, video game design, and many more.

Remember, an architect may only provide their services if they are licensed and sanction by the state from which they wish to operate in.

Willie Jenkins