SEO Copywriting 101

SEO Copywriting 101

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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Search engine optimization writing,

or SEO writing, is a kind of writing focused on capturing the attention of search engines by using targeted phrases or keywords. This is important for websites because they web traffic on their side, click on their ads and purchase their products. The way to get Google and other search engines on their side is by producing optimal, search engine-directed posts.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization Writing

The easiest first way to research on the right keywords and phrases is to use Google’s Keyword Tool. Explore it. If you have a specific phrase in your mind, type it in the tool, and check out the different combinations that you can use. Take note of the following:

  • The amount of searches made for that specific phrase in one month
  • The amount of competition there is for that phrase

Not all bloggers and website owners are good SEO copywriters, so if you are having a hard time with this, feel free to reach out to an SEO agency in Malaysia. Ask for assistance in focusing on the following areas:

  • Links to other web pages which are relevant to the phrase
  • Within the actual content or text itself
  • Headlines and titles
  • Subtitles
  • Meta titles and meta data

Don’t litter your content with excessive keywords. This is called keyword stuffing, and can result to penalties. Just write naturally. Write for humans, not for machines and search engines. Put all of those writing talent to work, and make the SEO content work well with the genuine message it entails.

Both SEO writers and clients must understand the fundamentals of SEO writing. Know that search engine results are tied up in how people interact with your website, and how they refer to it. If your website is lacking in authority, and not perceived as an expert in your field, that can negatively impact your ranking.

Willie Jenkins