4 Ways To Convince Your Parents That You Need More Pocket Money.

4 Ways To Convince Your Parents That You Need More Pocket Money.

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As parents, it is their responsibility to provide us with basic necessities like food, shelter and proper education. This also includes the pocket money they wire to us every month. Be grateful for them as they do so much for us when we are growing up. However, it is hard to deny that the cost of living is increasing no matter where you live and it increases even more as time goes by. In this year of 2021, the price for products goes up due to the instability of economic status in a lot of countries all around the world. It’s a logical option that we should ask for more pocket money from our parents and here are the points you can present to them in order to convince them.

top online trading brokersSelect The Time And The Date For A Discussion

Instead of bringing the issue up casually during dinner, it might be better if you set a suitable time and date to discuss with your parents. By doing so, they can see how serious you are in having the conversation and you will look more convincing. Imagine if you ask them about it during a random time and they ask you questions you are not ready to answer. It will look like you don’t actually need a raise for your pocket money and instead, the opposite will happen where they manage to convince you that the pocket money you are given every month is actually enough. Thus, it’s good to be prepared so that you will be confident in asking them to add the amount of your pocket money.

Consider The Pros And Cons Of It

While it really is necessary for you to get more pocket money, we should also consider if they can afford to do that. You should not pressure them into doing that if they have a financial problem or there’s something with a high cost that they are struggling to pay. It’s important to be alert and considerate of your household income since there might be issues with their finance in this pandemic era. If you think you should not ask, perhaps you should work for another method to increase your pocket money.

Prepare Your Speech

Once you confirm that the household income is stable, be prepared for what you want to say and how to convince them that you really need more pocket money. Make a detailed list of your budget and what you need every month so that it is clear to them why you need it. An important tip to note is be confident and don’t hesitate when you are talking. Hesitating will make it look like you are not sure of what you are doing and if you are unlucky, they might think that they are making things up. 

Final Words

All in all, it’s probably easier to win a debate at your university rather than at home where your opponents are someone you respect and know you well inside and out. However, they are also the most considerate people on Earth that will do their best to understand you and provide what you need. Well, that’s in their nature as parents. Just be honest and make them see from your perspective. You can do it! Don’t worry if you fail though, you can try to save some money every month and invest in forex trading. Check out the top online trading brokers and it might be worth a try to help you earn more money than your consistent allowance. 

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