Why is It Important to Have Your Very Own Domain Name?

Why is It Important to Have Your Very Own Domain Name?

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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A lot of people are now turning online to build their own businesses. In fact, this is what most small business owners do in this day and age. One thing that you need to keep in mind if you choose to put up your own online store would be to acquire your own domain.
A domain is very important because it is the web address that people key into their favorite web browsers so that they can visit a particular website. That is why it is important for business owners to make sure that they get their very own domain as soon as possible.
There are top hosting companies that would provide you with a domain right off the bat, but more inexpensive plans would mean that you have to get a dedicated one for best results.
That being said, what are the reasons why having your own domain is very important, especially if you are going to put up your own online store?

It’s Like Having Your Own Address

Think about having your own condo unit. Even if it is really good-looking, if you are just occupying a small space in a condominium, it is really not going to be called your condo.
It is pretty much the same as getting your own domain or not. If you were to use a free web hosting service which would mean that the domain is already attached to the page that you have created, it will not be entirely up to you how it would be named.
If anything, they would always attach the name of their service as a means of letting people know that you are indeed using their domain. For instance, if you were to put ‘Asana’ as your domain name but you are using a free hosting service, it would be something like asana.myfreehostingservice.com.
That not only makes you ineffective in the eyes of your consumers but it will also not bode well for your potential clients as well.
Having your own domain, meaning, that you are actually paying for a good service, means a lot to your business, Remember, reputation is very important in a venture, so you have to exhaust all means to ensure that you are a legitimate business and one way of doing that would be to get your very own domain.

It Can Be Used for Your Email

Another reason why you need to get your own domain if you are a business owner is that your domain name can also be attached to your email service as well.
You will look more professional online if you are using something like mybusiness.myowndomainname.com than using mybusiness.gmail.com or something like that.
Fortunately, if you are getting a good web host with a good domain as part of the service, you will automatically get this as part of your plan.

No Shortage of Accounts

One way for you to gain online traction is to build your own email list and if you do not have a good domain, you will be unable to attract potential customers to sign up to your site.
That is another reason why you need to have a professional domain. Not only do you become more credible in the eyes of your customers but you are also assured that you can get as many people to sign up to your email list without any problems whatsoever.

Willie Jenkins