Why Do People Like Working In Noisy Coffee Shops

Why Do People Like Working In Noisy Coffee Shops

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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It has been a wonder to a lot of us how we thrive when in a small coffee shop downtown. The way we manage to do all of our work in the noise of the coffee grinding machine and people laughing is incredibly bewildering. We somehow, prefer the noise and hecticness of the coffee shop over the optimized office environment made for our productivity. Plus we don’t mind splashing a little money for the comfort of a coffee shop either. 

Coffee shops have charms that are hard to deny. The aromatic coffee hitting our senses, the incredibly soothing designs, the social aspect of sharing a coffee and a talk, enjoying the smell of burnt cheesecake and lemon tang coming from the kitchen, microwaving noises indicating the completion of your favorite salami sandwich, we can go on. Coffee shops are where have our early morning breakfast, lunch hour shot of espresso, evening dates, casual hangouts, and sometimes even business meetings. As odd and formal as meeting sounds for coffee shops, it is now the norm. 

Another bewildering point is how our office environment noises are not at all facilitating our productivity. Unlike a coffee shop, we don’t welcome noise in the office. The laughter of our co-workers is like a constant disturbance to our daily work. However, we manage to finish the same work with even better quality in a coffee shop environment. It truly remains fascinating.

The number of workaholics and social butterflies making their way to coffee shops is why coffee shop owners ensure that the environment is key. They install optimal lighting to optimized acoustics with the help of proper materials and the best Selangor operable wall system installation to bring in the hint of openness. What does science say about how we work in coffee shops?

There is no doubt that we are motivated by good lighting and happy noises. They do a wonderful job at putting us in a better mood. Being surrounded in an optimistic environment where everyone is enjoying themselves also improves our own mood. after all, laughter is contagious. When we are in better moods, we work better. Our office environments tend to be a lot duller compared to the buzz of a coffee shop. High motivation equals improved productivity and which is a direct correlation to even better efficiency. 

In the office environment, it is not all sunshine and rainbow and the sisterhood of the Powerpuff girls. The people who make the noise can irk us while in a coffee shop, the noise is simply from strangers, boom boxes, and coffee machines. Another good point is that in the coffee shop, it is a lot easier to ignore the surrounding conversations as we focus all our energy on the work at hand. This type of concentration is more effective when the work requires your left side of the brain to engage, meaning your creativity. In the coffee shop owners and workers do their best to bring optimal friendliness with the tweaking in privacy, technology, lighting, temperature, and happy music. 

So what are we waiting for? Maybe it’s time we try working in coffee shops every once in a while as an office rule. It’s time managers take note! 

Willie Jenkins