SEO Copywriting 101: A Short Guide

SEO Copywriting 101: A Short Guide

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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Do you want to hire a reputable SEO marketer in Malaysia? There are plenty of professionals out there who can help you with your strategy, but before officially hiring one, make sure that you also have a basic background on SEO, most specifically SEO copywriting. In order to be successful, you need to post fine-tuned content regularly. Write your articles clearly.

Are you familiar with holistic SEO?

It is the disciplinary digital marketing technique focused on making the best web pages in a particular niche market. To do this, your website’s technical design must be brilliant, as well as its UX and security aspects.

Write the best copy.

To make sure that your website is one of the best in its sector, the written content on your pages must be easy to read and relevant. Without making concessions to content quality, you must fine tune and tweak your text according to the demands of search engines.

Before writing your new blog article, you must do keyword research first. Keyword research has three simple steps.

1. Come up with a mission statement.

Before implementing the keyword research process, think of a mission statement first. This will make you stand out from the rest. Take your time in thinking of an effective mission statement.

2. List down all relevant keywords.

After formulating a mission statement, it’s time to list down all the keywords or search terms that you want your web pages to be found for. What are those keywords that apply to your own niche market? What are your unique selling points? To come up with the best keywords, you must get inside your audiences’ heads. Moreover, think of different variations and combinations of these terms.

3. Construct SEO landing pages.

The third and final step of the keyword research process is to develop cool landing pages for those keywords you want to be found for. Landing pages are pages which are tailored to drive in more visitors in your blog. This can be a dedicated web page or a specific blog post optimized for a certain keyword.

The keyword research process would give you a great blogging ideas.

Willie Jenkins