How to Prepare for a Website Launch

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
Category: Web Design
How to Prepare for a Website Launch

Make a website post-launch strategy.

The most important thing you should be focused on before launching your website is the post-launch strategy and activity. Never cram the marketing strategy and web design firm. Everything should be thorough and clear, since this is a crucial part of the website process.

2. The launch team should be aligned.

If you want your website launch process to be seamless, all of your team members should be on the same page. Below are some of the things you should remember:

  • Evaluate all form submissions. Make sure that every form has no errors, and is functioning well.
  • Assess all navigation links and menus. Manually click on every link in the website menu. It should work properly link to the proper webpages.
  • An efficient, dedicated person should handle the live chat. In some cases, many people would be handling this real-time chat feature.
  • Update your profiles in all social media platforms. The design should match the overall look of your website. Consistency is key to effective marketing.

3. Prepare your internal team.

For your website launch to be smooth and efficient, communicate every detail with your internal team. The entire team should have a clear, organized plan. Most importantly, talk about which tools to utilize. How can you share content with co-workers?

4. Talk to your sales staff about website leads.

Generating website leads is part of a website’s pre-launch strategy. Don’t forget to educate your team members about the entire process of handling and managing leads. Simply giving them the task is not an efficient process.

5. Begin implementing your post-launch strategy.

Before implementing your post-launch website strategy, do your homework and research on the right guidelines. You should know the answers to the following questions:

  • How will you market your own website?
  • Have you decided on doing search ads or retargeting?
  • What other approaches do you want to utilize to generate more traffic?
  • What is your promotion strategy?
  • Will there be a press release? How about social media posts?

Tons of preparation and planning are crucial for a successful website design and launch. Ensure that all fundamentals are covered before and after launching it.

Willie Jenkins