Best Mobile Games

Best Mobile Games

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Video games are amazing, it’s usually the first that you do once you get back to your home, playing video games. But have you been stuck in a line  where you have nothing to do and impatiently waiting for your turn to come and end up being frustrated because you feel like you wasted your precious little time just waiting. The worst part of this is when you leave your headphones back at home and you can’t even watch anything especially in private for entertainment. And the regret of not having mobile games on your phone will appear.  You wished you have downloaded at least a game to just keep you company. But whats the point if you download sloppy games. Here are some of the best mobile games that you can download.

online casinoCandy Crush

Candy Crush is still one of the most famous games, everyday thousands of people are downloading the game. It is fun and calculated. It is a brain puzzle kind of game, it makes you think and with those colourful candies to keep you motivated one your game, you can never feel bored of it.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty also known as COD is  a shooting game.It has many options, whether to play it training or as a team or individual. It can be intense and thrilling at the same time fun and challenging. Most of the time you play this game to release your stress and frustration.  

Online Casino 

Online casino are games that have formulas and calculated moves, and once you have mastered those moves, you are able to win the prizes. Online casino games are not just for the time of your entertainment, but you may have a chance of winning real money. 

Mobile Legends

Mobile legends are team based games that have any characters that you can choose from and play the games. It’s like your team has to destroy your enemy’s team kingdom before they destroy you all while having a war. And those characters that you are choosing, well those characters have their own skills and gadgets that they can use while fighting and destroying the enemy’s kingdom.

Clash Of Titans

Clash of Titans has the same concept with Mobile Legends, but the reason why people like this more is because you are on your own. You get to play it independently without other people interrupting you.

Subway Surfers

The thing about this game is that it is a very simple concept to play. Subway Surfer is a runner who runs endlessly or skateboard at times in a railway track in order to escape from a running caop too. It collects coins and powers, and sometimes uses the powers to escape from the cop.

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