Best Forex Brokers For Beginners And Veterans

Best Forex Brokers For Beginners And Veterans

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The forex market is the biggest trading platform in the world as it is one of the ways for businessmen to generate income on the side to reach their financial goals much quickly. Thanks to the internet, anyone can sign up as a forex trader and start their trading career. However, one must apply for a license with a local or international forex broker to be eligible to trade in the forex market. 


By opening and applying for a license with a forex broker, traders are able to receive various benefits, with each broker offering different benefits. Due to the coronavirus, forex trading has surged in popularity due to many people who are stuck at home searching for ways to generate income. Consequently, it leads to many beginner traders susceptible to scams.

So, how does a forex trader know which forex brokers to open their account with and trust that their account will be safe? Easy! By searching on Google, you can know more on best forex brokers reviews in Malaysia and read about how each broker varies with different services and benefits. For example, Saxo Banks is best for veteran traders as they provide one of the best research trading tools on the internet. This would provide an enhanced experience for traders and are able to analyze the forex market and predict the changes more accurately.

However, beginner traders will feel overwhelmed with the tools and methods of analyzing the forex market and are given a steep learning curve to learn how to trade through Saxo Banks. 


Alternatively, eToro can provide a beginner friendly platform for traders to learn more about the forex market through copy trading. By copying an account, beginner traders are able to observe the activities of their “master” and learn about the factors that influence their decisions. Additionally, traders are able to generate income through commissions based on how many other traders are copying their account and getting paid by their “disciples” to provide advice. However, one of the downsides of opening an account with eToro is it only offers copy trading, which is considered as not viable for long time investors. In most cases, copy traders would either receive little or no returns as the amount they receive fluctuates in addition to the market’s volatility. eToro is also not equipped with the latest Meta Trader(MT) software which can be found in most forex brokers.


Overall, forex trading can help you to earn tons of money if you know what you are doing. But, the forex market is infamous for its volatility which means the stock prices are constantly changing in addition to working 24/7 everyday. This would lead to some traders losing out on profitable investments or are unable to take countermeasures and suffer heavy capital losses. Nevertheless, there are many other forex brokers who are able to provide educational materials for newbie forex traders to learn more about the forex market at their own pace.


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