6 Most Common Watch Strap Materials

6 Most Common Watch Strap Materials

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
Category: CIGA Watchers

1. Leather watch band

If you are in the market for a casual watch, make sure that is has a leather band. Leather is a
durable, natural material that is also environmentally friendly. These products are long-lasting
and elastic. Below are three types of leather that you can choose from.
a. Faux Leather. This is a plastic base, and wears off quite quickly. Many people love using this because it offers no harm for animals.


Genuine Leather

. Genuine leather is more durable compared to faux leather. There are affordable options, though. Some timepieces with leather watch straps are valuable, and at the same time affordable.

c. Full-Grain Leather. This type of leather is the one with the highest quality.

2. Stainless steel straps

Stainless steel is another popular material used in every day timepieces. It is durable since it is less expensive than silver, platinum, titanium and gold. Whether you are looking for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, look into stainless-steel watches. Metal is a durable and versatile material that can last for many years. Some people even wear it while diving and swimming.

3. Wooden watch band

Wooden watches are getting more and more popular. It is unique, environmentally friendly and
durable. The features of a wooden timepiece can be shaped and made in several colors and designs.

4. Ceramic watch band

Just like a wooden watch band, ceramic material is unique and long lasting. It looks fragile, but trust me, it is difficult to scratch. This kind of feels light on the wrist and skin, just like aluminum. The downside here is that it is not shock resistant. If you accidentally drop your timepiece, or bump it somewhere hard, it will most probably break.

5. Silicone rubber watch band

Do you want to a timepiece with an informal look? Then, silicone straps are for you. This material is comfortable on the skin, and comes in various colors. It is also eco-friendly, elastic, non-toxic and impossible to deform. This material can survive for many years, just don’t force and stretch it.

6. Nylon banding strap

Nylon is one of the least popular watch straps out there. Well, you will be surprised to know that this material is great to use during the warmer months. This is because nylon straps are water resistant, breathable, timeless in design, comfortable and durable.

Willie Jenkins