6 Interesting Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate Digital Landscape This 2020

6 Interesting Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate Digital Landscape This 2020

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
Category: Ecommerce

1. Voice Search

Voice search is a popular, convenient way for people to perform searches, and buy items using
their smartphones and tablets. There is no doubt that voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri
and Alexa will affect mobile commerce in the upcoming years. It would be helpful to implement
target voice searches and voice-activated commands in your ecommerce platform, to improve
your strategy.

2. Mobile app shopping

Shopping through mobile applications will surely rise. With increased mobile app usage, the
mobile application shopping share will continue to improve.

3. Faster checkout process

The best online ecommerce platforms in Malaysia always work hard to give the best shopping
experience to their customers. If the checkout process is difficult to navigate and confusing, they
will surely abandon it. Try to make it faster and easier for them. That way, your sales and
conversions can improve.

4. Fast-loading websites and mobile apps

In the digital world, customer experience is everything. People today have short attention spans,
and are very impatient. If your web pages and mobile app take so long to load, chances are, your
visitors will move to a better-performing website. According to research, people love buying
from mobile applications which are quick to load.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are the best choices for better conversions and instant responses. Live bots which are
integrated to ecommerce stores are gamechangers. It is great for customer service and
conversion. By integrating chatbots in your mobile app and ecommerce store, you can help your
customers buy items easily, lessening the chances of abandonment.

6. Technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are amazing innovative technologies
that will improve online shopping experiences. If used well, these pieces of technology can help
you improve sales, and at the same time impress your target audience.

Willie Jenkins