10 Tips that Will Help You Take Care of Your Newborn for the First 30 Days

10 Tips that Will Help You Take Care of Your Newborn for the First 30 Days

Posted by: Willie Jenkins
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When you are expecting a baby, it is the parents’ inclination to make sure that everything is prepared before their newborn comes to existence. They usually get all of the Clothes-http://dearbaby.my/, diapers, milk bottles, and strollers that they can find and they get excited with the prospect that they are going to be bonafide parents soon.

However, taking care of a newborn may be one of the most challenging things that you will ever do in your life. Fortunately, a lot of parents have been there before you and being a parent myself, I can help you get through the difficult times.

Today, I am going to give you some useful tips that will help you take care of your newborn for the first 30 days.

1. Ask Help from Your Friends and Family

According to Stacey Brosnan, a lactation consultant based in New York, she said that
women who seek help from parents and their friends (who are also parents) will have a
much easier time taking care of their newborn. Ask tips whenever possible.

2. Prepare All of the Essentials

Newborn babies can get hungry really fast which is why you want to prepare everything beforehand. Ensure that you get their baby milk bottles ready, as well as their baby clothes, diapers, and other essential items. Not preparing for such things may give you a hard time, especially since newborns need quite a lot of attention and care.

3. Breastmilk is Always the Best

Although formula milk is available at your convenience, doctors agree that breastmilk is going to be best for babies up to two years. With that being said, I recommend that you get a breast pump to help extract the milk from your breasts since babies tend to nibble on your nipples which may cause soreness and damage. If milk extraction is sparse, you can use a heating pad and put them on your breasts to help induce milk production.

4. Do Not Think of ‘Being Tired’

I know, newborns require a lot of attention. So much so that you may not be able to sleep soundly at night. Instead of thinking that you are tired, change your mindset to, “I am doing this for my baby”. It may sound simple, but it actually helps.

5. Take Shifts

At some point, you need to be getting some sleep. Ask your husband to take turns with you so that you can get the rest that your body needs. Stress may hamper your ability to
produce milk, so do rest whenever possible.

6. Napping is Your Best Friend

Parents of more than one child can attest to the value of napping. So, when your baby is asleep, take the time to sleep as well.

7. Soothing Your Baby

To effectively soothe fussy newborns, you may want to mimic the natural movement of the womb. You do this through swaddling, swinging, and shushing the baby but only do so without using excessive force.

8. Relegate Housework to Someone Else

If you can afford to get a nanny, I suggest that you get one so that you do not have to concern yourself with housework.

9. Accept Any Help that You Can Get

If some of your friends and family want to help you in any way, accept it.

10. Keep Diapers Ready

Newborns can get really dirty down there quite often during a day. In fact, you might need to change their diapers anywhere between 6-8 times a day! Because of this, keep their diapers ready at all times.

Willie Jenkins